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The Check-In: You Don't Say


Many of us these days find ourselves looking around and asking ourselves how we got here: to this moment we’re in, today. How has our history, our choices, our culture shaped the moment that we’re in when it comes to disparities in our health, wealth, our neighborhoods and education. And when it comes to racial justice.

One easy thing we can do is to look back and listen to people who have lived these experiences over the decades.

For Columbia’s bicentennial celebrations that take place in 2021 celebrating 200 years of our town, the city of Columbia’s Como200 task force commissioned KBIA to tell the stories of Columbia’s African-American history - and with the help of Columbia’s Sharp End Heritage Committee, we produced conversations about those histories through the conversation series “You Don’t Say.”

Today on The Check-In - we’re going behind the conversations, to talk about what does get said and what we can learn - from KBIA’s project “You Don’t Say.”


Our Guests:


James Whitt, Sharp End Heritage Committee


Barbara Horrell, Sharp End Heritage Committee


Rev. Clyde Ruffin, Second Missionary Baptist Church


Dr. Hariharan Regunath, University of Missouri Health Care Physician




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Janet Saidi is a producer and professor at KBIA and the Missouri School of Journalism.
Zia Kelly graduated with degrees in journalism and public health at the University of Missouri - Columbia in May 2020.. Outside of the newsroom, she works part-time as a personal trainer and competes as an Olympic-style weightlifter.