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Missouri House Of Representatives Candidates Focus On Violent Crime, Infrastructure In Debates

The Missouri House of Representatives is focusing on issues related to violent crime, infrastructure and law enforcement.

On Wednesday night, candidates for the Missouri House of Representatives participated in a forum on 93.9 FM The Eagle and answered questions regarding issues prevalent in Mid Missouri.

In the 44th district, Cheri Toalson Reisch and Jacque Sample weighed in on the topic of public safety. Reisch insisted that Missouri needs to get violent crime under control. Sample said it is important to make sure law enforcement departments, which are understaffed, have the funding necessary to have enough officers.

In the 47th district, Chuck Bayse and Adrian Plank discussed the topic of infrastructure. Bayse and Plank both suggested a gasoline tax coming back on the ballot again where all revenue would go to roads and bridges in Columbia. Plank said the state needs to get its priorities in order.

“Our priorities in this state are screwed up. We underfund education, our teachers, our infrastructure. It’s becoming an embarrassment,” Plank said.

In the 50th district, Sara Walsh and Kari Chesney discussed racial disparities in traffic stops. Walsh said there is now more training required for officers throughout the state which should be a step forward. Chesney said there should be policies in place requiring officers to have bodycams and dashcams to have a visual record of all traffic stops.