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Kip Kendrick Forgoes Last Term in Missouri House

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45th District Missouri House Representative Kip Kendrick is forgoing his final term in office.

He ran unopposed for his seat in this year’s election.

“This is one of the more difficult decisions I've had to make. I've truly enjoyed every minute of being the representative,” Kendrick said.

Kendrick served for six years.

Kendrick said he is leaving to join State Senator-elect Greg Razer of Kansas City, Mo. as his Chief of Staff.

Razer is a Democrat for Missouri Senate District 7. He also served in the Missouri House with Kendrick for four years.

“I don't know of many other people that I would accept this offerfrom,” Kendrick said.“I'm very humbled… I’m looking forward to working with him and for him in this new role.”

Kendrick said he is ready to serve Missourians in a new way.

Kendrick also had a message for his constituents.

Kendrick wrote that term limits in the Missouri House stunted his ability to do well in the legislature and said that it is bad for democracy.

He said it takes years to comprehend Missouri’s $35 million state budget.

“It does take a number of years to get fully acclimated to the building, to understand the critical policy pieces and issues that you're working on,” Kendrick said.

In the Missouri House of Representatives, terms are limited to 8 years. Kendrick said that this is not enough time for legislators.

Kendrick’s last day will be December 31st.

“It will be up to the Governor’s office to call a special election for the 45th district,” Kendrick said. “And the central committees here in Boone County, both Republican and Democratic sides, will have the opportunity to nominate candidates to fill that seat moving forward.”