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MU to Study Feasibility of New Indoor Football Facility

Nathan Lawrence/ KBIA

On Dec. 6, the UM System Board of Curators voted to move forward to study a new indoor
football facility for MU.

The new space would include a full-length indoor football field. The Board of Curators has not yet voted to approve the facility. MU Deputy Athletic Director Nick Joos explained the current plan.

“We are going to go forward with a feasibility study, to see about building a indoor football
practice facility,” Joos said. “And then the opportunity to turn the Devine Pavilion into more of
an all-sports indoor area.”

Joos said this proposal has been in the works for decades. MU’s current football facility, the Devine Pavilion, has only a 70-yard football field which makes it difficult for athletes to practice.

“It’s very difficult for the team to practice safely in there,” Joos said. “Especially if all 100
student athletes are in there at one time.”

Joos said with coaches and support staff, that number is often even higher for the 70-yard space. He also said the Devine Pavilion is lacking compared to other SEC schools.

“And certainly Mizzou… it’s the only one that doesn’t have a full-length practice facility,” Joos

Joos said other non-SEC schools in surrounding states have full length practice facilities. If the plan is approved, the Devine Pavilion would be used by other sports. The new facility will be drafted by Jan. 30.

After January, Joos said MU will release more information about the location and cost.