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MU School of Law will reopen its Family Violence Clinic

A red brick building with trees on either side of the doors. Above the doors written in yellow print is engraved: "HULSTON HALL SCHOOL OF LAW."
Photo Courtesy MU News Bureau
The Family Violence Clinic is run through the University of Missouri School of Law.

The Family Violence Clinic at the MU School of Law closed its doors in November 2020. And now after having received $400,000, the MU School of Law has announced it plans to reopen the Family Violence and Criminal Prosecution Clinic located in Columbia. The school now begins the search for a bar-certified attorney to direct and teach the law students who will work at the clinic.

When it first opened in the early 90s, the Family Violence Clinic was among the first of its kind to offer legal options for survivors of violence and also to provide practical experience for law students.

According to Paul Litton, dean of the MU School of Law, when it reopens, the clinic will offer a broad range of services. Additional services will depend on the expertise of the new director.

“I am so excited about this clinic,” he said in a statement. “I love the fact that we can get students valuable, practical experience while helping vulnerable people in our communities. This is an invaluable experience for law students who not only receive the mentorship and support of their clinical professor, but also get to work on real-life cases and create meaningful change in clients’ lives.”

The University of Missouri system will receive $488 million in core funding and up to $789.5 million through one-time and competitive grants in fiscal year 2024. The funding for the Family Violence Clinic comes from the Office of the Missouri Attorney General.

Kassidy Arena was the Engagement Producer for KBIA from 2022-2023. In her role, she reported and produced stories highlighting underrepresented communities, focused on community outreach and promoting media literacy. She was born in Berkeley, California, raised in Omaha, Nebraska and graduated with a degree in Journalism at the University of Missouri, Columbia.
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