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Ariel Morrison


A Columbia native, Ariel Morrison joined KBIA as an announcer in 2006.  Ariel completed her undergraduate studies at MU, concentrating with honors in history and religious studies, with minors in German and multicultural studies. After graduating, she continued hosting weekday classical music and NPR programming for KBIA.  Recently, she assisted with program hosting and production of underwriting, as a winter term intern for the Spark Museum of Radio and Electricity in Bellingham, Washington.  In addition to hosting programming and assisting with production for KBIA, she contributes book reviews and general reporting to ColumbiaFAVS. 

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Settle in to listen to an hour of classical music on the radio and you'll mostly hear the works of male composers. It isn't that women do not compose in the classical genre, so why don't we hear them more often? KBIA's Ariel Morrision recently asked two local women what's behind the gender imbalance in classical compositions.