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Brianna Lennon

County Clerk in Boone County, Missouri

After serving as Assistant Attorney General in the Missouri attorney general's office and as Deputy Director of Elections in the Missouri secretary of state's office, Brianna Lennon made the decision to pursue election administration at the local level. She was elected county clerk in Boone, Missouri, in 2018, making her responsible for conducting elections for more than 120,000 registered voters.

Together, Brianna and Eric host the elections-administration podcast, https://www.kbia.org/podcast/high-turnout-wide-margins which launched in January, 2021. With 60 episodes (and counting), its focus has been on professional development for election administrators, offering valuable insight on how elections are run across the country.

  • In this episode, hosts Brianna Lennon and Eric Fey speak with Whitney May, the Director of Government Services at the Center for Tech and Civic Life about the recently announced US Alliance for Election Excellence. This is a “nonpartisan collaborative of election officials, technologists, designers and other experts, working across all 50 states to improve the performance of systems serving 240 million voters.”
  • In the second of their two-part exploration on crisis management in local elections, Brianna Lennon and Eric Fey spoke with Stephen Richer from Maricopa County, Arizona. Maricopa County was the national center of attention following the 2020 election for its multiple recounts.
  • In the first of a two-part exploration, hosts Brianna Lennon and Eric Fey take a look at crisis management in local elections. They speak with Bill Cowles from Orange County, Florida, who lived through the 2000 Florida election, and Meagan Wolfe, the Wisconsin elections commission administrator, whose position was brought to center stage following the 2020 election.
  • Local election administrators Brianna Lennon (Boone County, MO) and Eric Fey (St. Louis County, MO) introduce High Turnout Wide Margins, explain how they got into elections, and what to expect in future episodes.