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Emily Aiken

Jane Mather-Glass / KBIA

Columbia-native band David Wax Museum was recently in town to play a show at Rose Music Hall, and KBIA's Jane Mather-Glass caught up with them to talk about their Missouri roots and what it's like performing in your home town. 

Veronica Mohesky / KBIA

The accessibility of porn on the internet has allowed kids of all ages to be introduced to sex. KBIA's Veronica Mohesky spoke with Derek Landes and Cale Mitchell of Spectrum Health Care about some of the common misconceptions about porn, and how it might not be the best option for sex education. 

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In this special, hear the voices of MU students tell their stories of finding the people, places and feelings that have helped them grow and change. They were challenged this spring in their advanced writing class to write essays about significant moments in their lives. With the help of their professor, Berkley Hudson, they recount their stories and experiences. 

Hear our radio special with selected commentaries here:

Lily Kraxberger, left, wears a bright striped T-shirt. Dr. Jennifer Su, right, has on a sleeveless black top.
Veronica Mohesky / KBIA

KBIA's Veronica Mohesky sat down with OB/GYN Jennifer Su to discuss how she intertwines her faith into her work. Su is based out of Jefferson City and owns her own practicw. Hear their full conversation about online birth control and accessibility on Missouri Health Talks here

Co-pastor of The Crossing Church Keith Simon gave a sermon on October 13, 2019 that discussed gender roles in the bible. Though he began by emphasizing the church’s approach to inclusion and diversity, much of his conversaiton fixated on the church’s view that transgender people are living against God’s design. This sermon has been widely criticized by Columbia’s LGBTQ community for its inclusion of language and ideas frequently associated with transphobia and anti-trans violence. 

Isabel Lohman

For veterans, life after combat can be challenging. Jefferson City resident and direct sales vendor Reesa Sellnow knew that and wanted to make a difference. Her husband is in the National Guard.

Off The Clock - Columbia Parks and Recreation

Oct 4, 2019

Columbia Parks and Recreation has been busy with a multitude of projects and developments lately. Parks Planning and Development Superintendent Mike Snyder offers insight to what exactly has been changing, and what they’ve got in store.

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Fall is just around the corner, and Columbia's Office of Cultural Affairs is getting ready to kick off several major events for the season. Columbia will play host to everything from music festivals, like Roots N Blues, to an African dance and percussion celebration. KBIA spoke with Elise Buchheit from the Columbia Office of Cultural Affairs about the events to look out for this fall. A full list of events can be found at the Office of Cultural Affairs calendar

Off the Clock - Preserving Pennytown

Apr 26, 2019
Emily Aiken / KBIA

On this edition of Off the Clock, producer Emily Aiken visits the Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church, a small rural churchhouse that holds a world of history and memories of the families who formed and lived in Pennytown. The town was founded by freed slave Joe Penny in 1871. Today, family members like Virginia Huston congregate at the church to reflect on their past and keep the spirit alive for their descendants. You can see the full story here

Emily Aiken / KBIA

Outside of Marshall, Missouri there’s a strip of gravel called Kittyhawk Avenue. The unpaved road leads to family farms, pastures and a town formed by a freed slave named Joe Penny in 1871. This town no longer exists, except in the heart and memory of Virginia Huston, the last person to be born in Pennytown.

“Pennytown is my birthplace and even though I was the last person born there and I used to get kidded by my brothers and sisters about being born in the shanty and not a hospital, but this is my birthplace,” Huston said. “This is my home. And it will always be that.”

Emily Aiken

Local beekeeper Carl Korschgen had four of his nine beehives die in the winter of 2018. In order to keep his hives alive this past winter, Korschgen has been experimenting with light.

Emily Aiken

Midnight in Paris was featured at the 2019 True False Film Festival. Emily Aiken sat down with directors James Blagden and Roni Moore to chat about how they met, their interactions with the Flint students featured in their film, and the deeper meaning behind the story.