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Julija Šukys

Julija Šukys is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where she teaches the writing of creative nonfiction. She is the author of Silence is Death: The Life and Work of Tahar Djaout (Nebraska, 2007) and Epistolophilia: Writing the Life of Ona Šimait? (Nebraska, 2012), winner of the 2013 Canadian Jewish Book Award for Holocaust Literature. Šukys is the co-founder of the Missouri Audio Project. 

Shane Epping.

Peabody-winner Scott Carrier is a master of both personal and political radio. He talks about the importance of bearing witness, about telling difficult stories, spinning tales of human oddness, and about the reporter’s responsibility to challenge power structures. The interview took place in front a live audience in Columbia, Missouri (September 2016). Interviewer: Julija Šukys.

You can hear Scott Carrier’s work at http://homebrave.com/

The Pawn: On Storytelling and Public Health

Aug 15, 2016
Lise Saffran

Storytelling and Public Health Policy: Lise Saffran explores how to use narrative to effect change. 


Courtesy of Silas Hansen

Julija Šukys talks to Silas Hansen about writing essays, hermit crabs, and what it means to go through the world as a transgender man.

Hansen’s work has appeared in The Normal SchoolThe Colorado Review, and has been anthologized in The Writer’s Presence. You can learn more about him at silashansen.net.  

Shane Epping

Writer and radio producer Jonathan Goldstein talks about starting out in radio, working at This American Life, and blurring the line between fact & fiction on the long-running show Wiretap. The interview took place in front a live audience in Columbia, Missouri (September 2015). Interviewer: Andrew Leland

You can hear Jonathan Goldstein’s work for This American Life here: (http://www.thisamericanlife.org/contributors/jonathan-goldstein)

 You can hear Wiretap here: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/wiretap/pastepisodes Jonathan Goldstein’s new show will appear at https://gimletmedia.com sometime in 2016.