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Mike Russo

Mike Russo is a Kansas City native and longtime public radio patron. In his past life he was a full-time professor at The University of Missouri – Columbia as a Marketing and Video Production lecturer in their Communication Studies Department. In addition to teaching and professionally working at various media organizations, Mike holds a Master’s Degree from The Rhode Island School of Design. Mike helped found the local music label The Record Machine and remains an avid music consumer in Kansas City. If you’ve found this and are reading to this point you can probably be savvy enough to check this all out on LinkedIn and get the info you really need about him from that place. In addition Mike is: married, always toying with diving in on the latest health fad, has a daughter, likes comics, and he will tell you about how much he likes comics/every nerd trope any chance he can get.  

Americans spend an average of 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime. So what we do at work isn't separate from life. It is life. At a recent event hosted by Central Standard, people gathered to tell true stories from life on the job. We're sharing a few of those stories with you here.

Jolie Justus has built her mayoral campaign around pragmatism and the idea that Kansas City needs a mayor to focus on issues like affordable housing and crime — and focus on growing the city's profile on the national stage. 

And, as it turns out, she's also pretty darn good at throwing axes.