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Rachael Norden


Hailing from the not-so distant land of the Sac-Osage Ozarks, Rachael Norden is a true renaissance woman of the road less traveled.

Having foregone the traditional college experience, Rachael has spent the last decade forging her own path into a diverse and eclectic career with experiences ranging from banking to artistry, rural water to symphonies (as former Director of Marketing & Events of the Missouri Symphony), radio to festivals, and much more. Outside of her career, Rachael is an avid and borderline-obsessive purveyor of everything dark and gritty from history, anthropology, true crime, and the Occult (with extra love reserved for anything that falls under all four).

As a child, Rachael formed a love for sultry voices of radio listening to the sage relationship advice of Delilah on fellow mid-mo station 101.5 KPLA. Since then, she’s developed a passion for modern forms of media and broadcasting, accurate and relevant journalism, humor and authenticity, and has dreams of bringing all her passions together through hosting her own podcast one day.

Rachael joined the KBIA team in May 2023, and you can catch her every Wednesday afternoon on All Things Considered and hosting Weekend Edition on rotating Saturdays and Sundays.