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Rosemary Belson

Kaylin Burris / KBIA and Columbia Missourian

In 2016, former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens vowed to fix the troubled Department of Corrections, saying it was beset by a “culture of harassment and neglect ... with low morale and shockingly high turnover.”

He hired Anne Precythe, a North Carolina corrections official, to resolve the department’s widely publicized scandals, including sexual harassment lawsuits and complaints of a hostile work environment.

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President Trump made a stop at the Columbia Regional Airport Thursday endorsing Josh Hawley for Missouri’s seat in the U.S. Senate. Just 20 minutes away protesters gathered to rally against Trump and mobilize voters for next week’s midterm election.

Among the event’s speakers was Dr. Maren Bell Jones. She rallied the crowd in support of Democratic policies and her campaign for the Missouri House of Representatives in District 44. In defiance of a term adopted by some conservatives to criticize liberals, she asked the crowd, “What are snowflakes for? An avalanche.”

Meiying Wu

The Columbia City Council unanimously approved a resolution Monday to begin planning a citywide community-oriented policing program.

The resolution directs City Manager Mike Matthes to design a “citywide program, transition plan, timeline and budget,” in continued collaboration with the police and community. 

Mike Matthes / City of Columbia website

Columbia residents continued debate at City Council Monday over how City Manager Mike Matthes handled a conversation on race in Columbia. 

Matthes’ 2018 Columbia Values Diversity Celebration speech sparked controversy when he delved into racial biases while talking about reducing unemployment among African-Americans. He displayed different photos of young African-American people, dressed casually and professionally, and made his initial judgments about their character and intent.

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