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Travis McMillen

Video Producer

TRAVIS McMILLEN is the video producer for the Futures Lab, located on the lower level of the Reynolds Journalism Institute. As video producer, McMillen directs and produces regular and occasional programming from RJI’s own production studio, including KBIA-FM’s Views of the News, Global Journalist and Radio Friends with Paul Pepper. He is a Columbia native who started working at KOMU-TV, the University of Missouri’s NBC affiliate, at the age of 16. At 18 McMillen became the audio operator for Pepper and Friends, a community variety and talk show that aired on KOMU for 27 years. It was a position he held for almost 10 years. Aside from audio, McMillen’s duties on the show included field segment videographer and editor and, from 2001-2007, primary fill-in director. McMillen also directed KOMU’s daily two-hour morning newscast from 2001-2008. He is married to Jennifer, whom he met at KOMU. She currently produces the CW News at Nine for the station. They have three boys.

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How do you practice good social distance etiquette when so much of what you do involves touching? National Federation of the Blind of Missouri's GARY WUNDER answers that question and others as he describes life as a blind person during a pandemic. July 2, 2020

Thanks in part to a two-person script, Talking Horse Productions is hoping to "resume normal operations" with Jane Cafarella's 'e-Baby' in August. But before that, artistic director ADAM BRIETZKE invites everyone to a FREE show later this month at Stephens Lake Park Amphitheater in Columbia! Also, if you're a caregiver in need of diapers for your child, First Chance for Children executive director KASEY SCHAUMBURG says all you need to do is show up to their Fay St. location in Columbia on the third Wednesday of every month! (4:23) July 1, 2020

End-of-life doula MICKEY HAVENER is "on a crusade to encourage people to spend time with their loved one after they've passed" after the recent death of her brother provided her (and her sister) a unique type of closure. June 30, 2020

Columbia's Boys and Girls Club has reopened! Executive director VALORIE LIVINGSTON tells us how things are operating "much different than normal." Also, Carpet One Floor and Home general manager SCOTT BRADLEY says his installation work force has taken a hit thanks to COVID-19. Jobs are still getting done, but he's asking for your patience! June 29, 2020

In addition to produce and plants, CHUCK BAY says you'll also find jewelry, hand-carved wood, paintings and more at Columbia's Orr Street Farmers and Artisans Market when it opens for the season later this month! April 2, 2020

Spring is finally here and Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture has big plans for the new season, like gardening workshops, a tree giveaway, activities for kids and more! ADAM SAUNDERS and TAMARA MADDOX tell us about that and CCUA's new 'Produce Prescription Partnership' program. Also, the 4th annual Columbia Memorial Stair Climb will take place on April 25 at Memorial Stadium in Columbia. TIFFANY and TOMMY GORAN tell us the money raised from this family-friendly event goes to support Safety Net of Missouri and Firefighter Cancer Support Network. (4:42) April 1, 2020

"Braille is a magical thing. It's a reading and writing system that does everything for me that print does for you. Audio is great. I love audio. But the fact is, if I want to learn how to spell...I need something under my fingers..." -- Braille-in-schools proponent GARY WUNDER from the National Federation of the Blind, Missouri March 31, 2020

Founded in Chicago in 2001, Louder Than a Bomb (LTAB) provides a safe space a for young voices to "unpack what's going on in their world" by way of expressive arts. In 2018, Louder Than a Bomb Mid-Missouri became the 20th chapter in this ever-growing youth enterprise! Guests: JOSH RUNNELS and T'KEYAH THOMAS | Also, OsteoStrong's DAYNA GLANZ explains why an isometric computerized robotic machine may be the answer to how to build your skeletal strength. (4:50) March 30, 2020

Entrepreneurship is one of three topics we cover today with ALEX LaBRUNERIE, president of LaBrunerie Financial. Specifically, Alex highlights Elon Musk's efforts to bring Tesla to the forefront of the automobile industry in terms of net worth - surpassing powerhouses like Ford and General Motors - in a relatively short amount of time. Find out why, despite being valued at over 100 billion dollars, Alex says you may not want to jump on the Tesla bandwagon. March 27, 2020

Author/poet WALTER BARGEN shares two of his poems: 'Brotherhood' at [3:07] and 'The Great Moon Hoax' at [5:40]. March 26, 2020

Heart of Missouri United Way is partnering with FamilyWize to help the uninsured afford the necessary prescriptions they need every day or those who just need assistance in purchasing a specific prescription. ANDREW GRABAU says this program "can provide significant savings." Plus, find out about an upcoming fundraiser at the Jersey Mike's locations in Columbia! March 25, 2020

If you want an alternative to real hardwood in your home because you're worried about the wear and tear, Carpet One Floor and Home's SCOTT BRADLEY has some ideas that'll fool most people into thinking you have the real thing! (4:55) March 24, 2020

These days, recycling may seem like a no-brainer, yet KEN MIDKIFF tells us that statistics show only 17% of Columbians recycle - despite the supposed ease of operation (the blue bag). Find out why and how that number compares to the national average. March 23, 2020

Take it easy! Women age 50-80 are nine times more likely (than a man) to experience what they think is a heart attack but is actually stress cardiomyopathy. MU Health Care cardiologist DR. ANAND CHOCKALINGAM explains. March 20, 2020

In 2019, JOE DILLARD had two colonoscopies, three surgeries, eight rounds of chemo and an extracted tooth. Oh, and he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Through it all, Joe maintained a positive attitude and even published a book! 'The Blue Mound Chronicles' is a memoir from his time in Blue Mound, Missouri - an unincorporated crossroads on the western side of the state. March 19, 2020

"As doulas, what we try to do is find out the goals of the person who's dying. We're really there for that person. We try to build enough trust that they will tell us what it is they want to happen in whatever time they have left." -- MICKEY HAVENER, End-of-Life Doula March 18, 2020

Storyteller LARRY BROWN shares a traditional Irish tale on this St. Patrick's Day: 'Jamie Freel and the Young Lady'. March 17, 2020

"We love that they learn about theatre but, you know, what they're really learning is to be a team and to be leaders and to problem-solve, so all the life skills that they're picking up that's wrapped up in that wonderful little play experience - that's what's going to stay with them forever." -- JILL WOMACK, TRYPS founder | Also, Heart of Missouri CASA is in need of more volunteers! KELLY HILL tells us that there are more than 500 children in Boone and Callaway counties in foster care, and that less than half of those are represented by an advocate. (4:46) March 16, 2020

The bad news is yes, your pet can get the coronavirus; the good news (if you want to call it that) is that you can't get it from them and they can't get it from you. Guest: CB CHASTAIN, MU Veterinary Health Center | Also, Showcase CoMo is all about putting local businesses in the spotlight, and all under one roof! WHITNEY SCHIEBER and HEATHER BROWN tell us about the variety of participants expected at this year's event. (4:37) March 13, 2020

What if you didn't have soap with which to shower? What if you didn't have clean dishes on which to eat? What if you waited to change a diaper because you knew you only had a limited number to use? Most of us don't have an answer because we're fortunate enough not to have to worry about it; however, if situations like these are a part of your daily life, Voluntary Action Center is here to help! Guest: NICK FOSTER | Also, BARBARA HOPPE tells us about two very different events sponsored by the League of Women Voters - the first of which is tonight! (4:54) March 12, 2020

'The Pirates of Penzance' marks the first time during CHRISTINE SEITZ's tenure as director that Show-Me Opera is performing Gilbert and Sullivan, and we've got a sneak peek! Mizzou student CONNOR COCHRAN performs 'I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General' at [3:42]. March 11, 2020

There are two parts to a successful SMART Recovery, and both are equally important: one is, of course, the person going through the recovery; the second is said person's family and friends. Both parts come together, says SUZANNE OPPERMAN, using tools that teach a person to stop and think. Also, CHERYL BLACK invites everyone to come see MU Theatre Department's production of 'Votes for Women'. She says it's not so much a traditional play as it is a "suffrage pageant." Commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the 19th amendment starting tomorrow night at the Rhynsburger Theatre on the MU campus! (4:58) March 10, 2020

If your child is fascinated by puppets and marionettes - playing with or making - they're gonna love this month's Second Saturday for Kids at Orr Street Studios in Columbia! Organizer CATHERINE PARKE says this Saturday's event is the first of a three-part series titled "Moving Sculpture'. Also, actors MORGAN MILLER and EZEKIEL ADJOKATSE invite you to come see Hickman High School Theatre's production of 'Once Upon a Mattress' this Thursday, Friday or Saturday! Morgan says this is a musical the whole family will enjoy. (4:07) March 9, 2020

Make plans to visit the Center for Missouri Studies on March 14th for the opening reception of an exhibit titled 'Missouri Women: Suffrage to Statecraft'. The State Historical Society of Missouri's JOAN STACK and Missouri Historic Costume and Textile Collection's NICOLE JOHNSTON tell us how this "collaborative exhibition" will showcase 100 years of progress through various works of art, photography and clothing from all over the state! March 6, 2020

The star of 'Dixie's Tupperware Party' may be a fictional character, but at one time she was the number one Tupperware salesperson - in real life! ROB CROUSE tells us about this hysterical one-woman show that's sure to delight everyone but the kids. Also, if you're not familiar with the mission of Boone County Animal Care, volunteers PEGGY GRAY and DIANN STELZER say it's all about taking care of the animals. Diann says while monetary donations are nice, they're really in need of more foster families. (3:45) March 5, 2020

Journalists across the United States are finding themselves affected by the spread of the coronavirus. What’s the biggest challenge facing the news media as the epidemic spreads? Also, Chris Matthews’ departure from MSNBC, the end of Judge Judy and getting the Marquee Sports Network into midwest households before MLB's opening day. From Missouri School of Journalism professors Amy Simons, Earnest Perry and Kathy Kiely: Views of the News.

March is National Nutrition Month, and Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics dietitian CARY SKELTON, RDN, is here to tell us that we're not eating enough fiber. She goes on to say what we should eat (oatmeal!) and how much is the right amount. Also, KBIA-FM program director KYLE FELLING tells us how much they hope to raise during next week's pledge drive! (4:52) March 4, 2020

Sometimes even the caretakers need caretakers. Alzheimer's Association of Greater Missouri volunteer advocate LOIS LONG tells us about a program that aims to assist those taking care of those with dementia. Lois also shares a poem she wrote titled 'Trust'. March 3, 2020

It's been at least 10 years since Lincoln University employed a nutritionist, and now that they have one, they're not wasting any time in building an innovative program that focuses on all aspects of public health and nutrition. Guest: SARAH EBER, RD, LD | Also, it's go week! The True/False Film Festival kicks off this Thursday, and STACIE POTTINGER wants you to be in the know about the Q. (5:20) March 2, 2020

Never heard of Wolff's Law? It's the result of a post-mortem bone density test conducted back in 1892. Methods for determining your bone health have come a long way since then (now it can be done while you're living!), and OsteoStrong Columbia owner DAYNA GLANZ is here to tell us all about it. Also, if you enjoy TED Talks but wish you had a group in which to discuss the topic, the spring session at Osher@Mizzou has got you covered! Classes begin soon. GUESTS: JEANNE DZURICK and GLORIA CRULL (4:37) February 28, 2020