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TRAVIS McMILLEN is the video producer for the Futures Lab, located on the lower level of the Reynolds Journalism Institute. As video producer, McMillen directs and produces regular and occasional programming from RJI’s own production studio, including KBIA-FM’s Views of the News, Global Journalist and Radio Friends with Paul Pepper. He is a Columbia native who started working at KOMU-TV, the University of Missouri’s NBC affiliate, at the age of 16. At 18 McMillen became the audio operator for Pepper and Friends, a community variety and talk show that aired on KOMU for 27 years. It was a position he held for almost 10 years. Aside from audio, McMillen’s duties on the show included field segment videographer and editor and, from 2001-2007, primary fill-in director. McMillen also directed KOMU’s daily two-hour morning newscast from 2001-2008. He is married to Jennifer, whom he met at KOMU. She currently produces the CW News at Nine for the station. They have three boys.

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Bird scooters has been making news in Columbia for months. Now, it's making headlines around the world for its claim of a copyright violation by a tech news website. Was it a fair claim? Also, hedge fund owners make a play for one of the largest newspaper publishers in the U.S., NBC News formally cuts ties with Megyn Kelly and how Stephen King helped scare up subscribers of his local news website. From Missouri School of Journalism professors Amy Simons, Earnest Perry and Mike McKean: Views of the News.

It's been a minute since TIM RICH stopped by to talk about Welcome Home: A Community for Veterans. He says their new location provides three times the space they had before; unfortunately, they still have to turn people away because there isn't enough room. Also, January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. NANETTE WARD tells us about the newly-released poster from Missouri's Department of Public Safety featuring the national human trafficking hotline number. (4:06) January 16, 2019

"So, we've been doing this type of activity for many years, but what we've known is, once we've made that initial investment, the first buyer will sell, and then that home is no longer affordable or it potentially turns into a rental unit. So, what the Community Land Trust is, it's a new initiative to protect all of the city's investments in affordable housing going forward." -- Randy Cole, Housing Supervisor, Columbia Community Land Trust  January 15, 2019

Not everyone has a "social safety net," and for some, one economic setback could sink their ship, so-to-speak. Heart of Missouri United Way can be that safety net, but not without help from the community at large. ANDREW GRABAU tells us how easy it is to get involved. Also, WALLY PFEFFER and ALLY CUNNINGHAM, co-chairs of the 17th annual Boone County Legislative Forum on Higher Education, tell us about this year's event happening next week at Grand Cru in Columbia! (4:15) January 14, 2019

Why take part in The District's 'Restaurant Week'? NICKIE DAVIS says because "we offer just the most unique, locally-owned businesses...there are just things you're never going to find anywhere outside of The District." Additional guest: Gunter Hans owner LYDIA MELTON | Also, HEATHER LAMB takes us behind-the-scenes of Vox Magazine. Now in its 20th year, this student-run, city-centered publication recently underwent aesthetic changes that (hopefully) reflect a modern era of lifestyle journalism. (3:06) January 11, 2019

2018 was a busy year for the City of Columbia's Office of Sustainability! BARBARA BUFFALOE takes a look back at the good, the bad and the "world's stupidest problem." Plus, get details on the first Fix-It Fair of the new year! January 10, 2019

Thanks to you, Voluntary Action Center's 2018 Holiday Program was a resounding success. Executive director NICK FOSTER shares some takeaway statistics and tells us a story about its impact on one particular individual. Also, native plant expert NADIA NAVARRETE-TINDALL is back with tips on how, with just a little planning, you can turn nature into art! (4:30) January 9, 2019

River City Habitat for Humanity is now accepting applications from those interested in becoming a homeowner. Executive director SUSAN COOK-WILLIAMS tells us about the process. Also, JACK WAX and WALTER PERKINS encourages those 50 and older (who are looking to continue their education) to attend Osher at Mizzou's four-week winter session. Starts January 22nd! (3:25) January 8, 2019

HEATHER HARLAN, prevention specialist at Phoenix Programs, shares three pointers that we can all use to change our behavior - whether we have a substance use issue or not! Also, LESLIE CLAY invites anyone interested in becoming an english tutor with Literacy Action Corps to attend a three-week training session next month in Columbia. (4:09) January 7, 2019

"Caregivers can give out." -- LOIS LONG, volunteer with the local Alzheimer's Association, about the individuals who look after those suffering from dementia. So what can be done while they take some 'me time'? JERRY KIESLING says to bring the patient to MU Adult Day Connection. January 4, 2019

TRYPS has been educating and enriching the lives of young people via the arts in our community for 20 years now! 2019 looks to further the mission with even more classes, auditions and 'PJ Play Days' for your outgoing youngster. Guest: JENNIFER BLACK  January 3, 2019

"It rewires their brain so they think they need that drug...and the younger you start, the more likely you are to become addicted to alcohol, to marijuana, to nicotine, to all of those things. And the manufacturers know this." -- JOY SWEENEY, Council for Drug Free Youth, on the effects of experimentation at a young age. January 2, 2019

You may think you know chocolate, but not like this. LYNN ROSSY, director of Tasting Mindfulness, joins us with two chocolate bars and tips on how we should be eating them (and everything, really). She's doing a workshop, 'The Joy of Mindful Eating', later this month at alleyCat Yoga in Columbia - watch for details! January 1, 2019

A New Year's Eve show without HANK WATERS is a New Year's Eve show not worth doing. Thankfully, he's here, and he's taking a glass-half-full approach to as many local and national news stories from 2018 that we can fit into 8 minutes. December 31, 2018

MU Health Care's LAURIE SAX, RD says the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve is when we "have the most unintended weight gain." She shows us how snacking alone can add up to more than 3,000 calories. Also, SCOTT BRADLEY tells us about a specific type of carpet tile made from eco-friendly material. He says it's "very dense and it handles traffic really well, and it's super-easy to clean." (3:44) December 28, 2018

It's day two of Kwanzaa week, and the theme this year, as decided by founder Dr. Maulana Karenga, is 'Reimagining and Remaking the World: A Kwanzaa Commitment to an Inclusive Good'. YVONNE MATTHEWS tells us what that means, as well as the meaning behind The Seven Candles, or Mishumaa Saba. December 27, 2018

"As investors, we tend to bid stocks up historically in January." -- ALEX LaBRUNERIE, LaBrunerie Financial, on what's known as the 'Santa Claus effect', where corporations take an optimistic look at the year ahead following the holiday season. December 26, 2018

Merry Christmas, everyone! Our present to you is local folk musicians CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA performing Bob Coltman's 'Make My Present Small' (2:21). December 25, 2018

"Louie zipped up the clothes bag, put it over his arm and headed out toward the door. But he stopped at the door, turned around and said to his wife Helen, "well, I gotta go have coffee with the guys, and I'll stop at the grocery store - I've got the list - and I'm gonna take this suit to the cleaners again...and maybe I'll just get rid of it." -- the opening lines to LARRY BROWN's original holiday story, 'More Than a Suit'. December 24, 2018

"As a thank you to our staff, and a way to say goodbye to all the people who come to visit us in Ellis Library, we would put up an exhibit that shows off the talent of the many people who work for The State Historical Society," JOAN STACK on the final show in the corridor gallery before the move to the new building on Elm Street next year. Additional guest: JOHN SCHNEIDER | December 21, 2018

Even in a rough year - like it was this year - the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture produces 16,000 pounds of food. Next year looks to be even bigger because, as ADAM SAUNDERS tells us, CCUA is moving to the brand new 'Agriculture Park' in west-central Columbia! Also, The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri's CHRISTA HOLTZCLAW tells us that 1 in 6 adults and 1 in 5 children in our community are 'food insecure', and it's likely someone you know. Volunteering is one way to help "fill the gap." (5:01) December 20, 2018

The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign is well underway with a goal of $421,000. Major JACK HOLLOWAY and Lieutenant CARMON CAMP give us an update on its progress. Also, SCOTT JONES wants you to take MoDOT's 'Buckle Up, Phone Down' challenge and pledge to become a safe driver! (4:33) December 19, 2018

"These kids...they have things coming at them 1,000 miles an hour and they, to their credit, some of them recognize that they're stressed out and they need help and they're asking for it." -- RON ROWE, Youth Community Coalition, on the reason behind "Mindfulness Monday," a program currently being piloted in Ashland schools. December 18, 2018

The Assistance League of Mid-Missouri's 'Operation: School Bell' program has provided new, warm outwear to almost 25,000 children since 1997. "When you shop with us, you're doing good." -- JO TURNER. Additional guest: PAULA ZERRER | Also, author JAMES OERMANN (a.k.a. Jim Boer) gives us a sneak preview of his latest book, a science fiction novel that takes place 500 years in the future. (5:18) December 17, 2018

NANCY STOY introduces us the Perlman-Stoy School of Ballet, a Columbia institution for more than 80 years. Mark your calendar for their annual spring concert next May! Also, CB CHASTAIN, MU Veterinary Health Center, has some advice for keeping your pet safe this holiday season. He starts by saying that there are so many "hazards" he had to make a list! (4:10) December 14, 2018

"We have what we call 'alternative techniques', so we figure out those things that you would do with vision, and then we say, okay, not having vision, how do we do them?" -- GARY WUNDER, National Federation of the Blind, on living independently | December 13, 2018

Punny, yes. Funny? No. The closing of the Uranus Examinerpresents a serious problem for the residents of Pulaski County now that its lost its only locally-produced newspaper. Also, hyperlocal coverage of Prof. George Smith’s Nobel PrizeTIME Magazine’s Person of the Year and the controversy over the lyrics in 1940’s-era #Christmas music. From Missouri School of Journalismi professors Amy Simons, Earnest Perry and Mike McKean: Views of the News. KBIA 91.3 FM

The Southside Philharmonic Orchestra is made up of about 30 players from Jefferson City, Columbia and Kansas City. They, along with members of Dancers' Alley, are coming together for three performances of Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" this weekend at the Miller Performing Arts Center! Guest: PATRICK CLARK | Also, Columbia's Healthy Bottoms Diaper Bank is looking for both diaper and monetary donations. MEGHAN KOUBA tells us how it works! (4:42) December 12, 2018

'Tis the season to eat what we want - or is it? Dietitian GINGER MEYER says that one way to keep from over-eating during the holidays is to "hit the pause button" at meal time. Also, Missouri Symphony conductor KIRK TREVOR invites everyone to celebrate the season at the 8th annual 'Symphony of Toys' this Sunday at the Missouri Theatre. Your child might just be chosen to conduct the orchestra! (4:44) December 11, 2018

DR. JOHN LAURIELLO tells us about the services provided at the Missouri Psychiatric Center, a division of MU Health Care. If you or someone you know is feeling depressed this holiday season, John says the first thing you need to do is tell someone. Also, it's not too late to adopt a family participating in Voluntary Action Center's annual Holiday Program. DIAMOND SCOTT says "this is one of the largest years that we've had, and we still have families in need." (5:12) December 10, 2018