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It's official: Columbia announces agreement with American Airlines

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The Columbia City Council held a special meeting Friday to officially introduce a potential agreement with American Airlines. The meeting was adjourned after four minutes, but the short meeting could expedite the process of Columbia Regional Airport beginning to offer flights to Chicago and Dallas. Mayor Bob McDavid says these flights would benefit MU and businesses in Columbia.

"I like to say that on the coast we’re known as ‘fly over country,'" McDavid said. "Well we want to be known as ‘fly into country.’”

There will be a public hearing Monday to discuss the proposal. Then, the city council will vote on Oct. 22. If the contract passes, the city will have to put $3 million in a revenue guarantee fund for American Airlines.

McDavid says about half of this money will come from the city, and the other half will come from private investors. Among the investors so far are MU and Boone Hospital, along with multiple private sector businesses.