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How does a veto-proof super majority work?

out of ideas

This is the first year in modern history that we've seen a Republican veto-proof super majority: that's a two-thirds majority that allows Republicans to not only push through most any legislation they want, but also nullify a possible veto from their Democratic Governor, Jay Nixon.

Last week the state legislature wrapped up for the summer, not to return till September. The CoMo Explained team takes the opportunity to review all the bills and big stories over this year's session to try and tease out just what makes this super majority different.

Some of the highlights of this year were about guns, taxes, and abortion.  The standout had to be HB 163, which tries to nullify federal authority over firearms in Missouri.  Also on the list: two oddities designed to block the hypothetical future suggestion of Agenda 21 and Sharia Law.

Notably not on the list was Medicaid expansion, something that was on Governor Nixon's agenda this year.

But these are just some of the more than 150 bills that made it out of the assembly this year. Nixon has only signed two of them so far.  Give CoMo Explained a listen and hear which bills we think he'll sign, which ones he'll veto and which will be thrown right back at him in this September's veto session.

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