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Sen. Kehoe says he will run for second term

Missouri Capitol
David Shane
The Missouri Senate Appropriations Committee agreed Wednesday to follow the House's lead by holding funding flat for public universities.

Current Republican Senator Mike Kehoe announced Wednesday morning he will be running for a second term in the 2014 election.

Kehoe is the former owner of a Ford and Lincoln Mercury franchise in Jefferson City but has overseen the 6th District since 2010. He said when he first ran for the position, he didn’t plan to run for a second term, but now it feels like the right thing to do. He wants people to know that he doesn’t want to be seen as a professional politician.

“I think that with a 25-year background in small business, that still is the longest part of my career," Kehoe said. “Serving another four years in the state senate probably won’t make me a professional politician, and folks seem to understand that.”

Because he spent so long working directly with the community, he understands that what the 6th district wants from their government--is less of it.

“The 6th district needs somebody who will represent them to make sure government stays out of their life," Kehoe said. "That’s the number one comment I get from people as I travel the district. They just want government to leave them alone.”

Cole County Sherriff Greg White said that Kehoe is especially good at balancing district issues and state issues.

“Well I think that he will do two things," White said. "I think that he will bring to the table those things that are in the best interest of this district but will also be the best interest in the state of Missouri.”

Kehoe announced this decision during the last stop of his “Flap Jack Tour” at Jefferson City’s Memorial Park. He says if re-elected, his main focus will be to provide defense, education and infrastructure to the 6th district.

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