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Propofol explained: Why Missouri is in hot water for its execution protocols

Nottingham Vet School

This week on CoMo Explained we explain what all the fuss about Propofol is and how it's got Missouri in the national eye again.

If you've been only half-following the news around Missouri's bumbling execution policy, then this is show if for you. We break down exactly what Propofol is, why we planned to use it, and why we decided against it. Now, the state plans to use pentobarbital - but the unusual place the state is getting the drug from and the secrecy surrounding it is another source of controversy. The state plans to use it for the first time to execute serial killer Joseph Paul Frankling on November 20.

Special guest host Chris McDaniel from St. Louis Public Radio calls in to help us figure out why this is such a big deal.  Check out the links to the stories below for some of the great reporting he and others have been doing on the issue.

Correction: a previous text version of this story said the state used propofol in an execution before. It never actually did, the state just planned to. If you listen to the podcast, the whole confusing thing is explained there.

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