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Jay Nixon will deliver his fourth State of the State Address as Missouri Governor tonight. KBIA will air the the speech live at 7pm, hosted by St. Louis Public Radio's Marshall Griffin and Bill Raack.KBIA will also air the Republican Party response, followed by a live roundtable from the Capitol rotunda, featuring Intersection host Reuben Stern and four panelists.

State of the State address: Live blog


Update 8:59pm:

That wraps up the discussion and live coverage of the governor's State of the State address this evening. Our panelists were Sen. John Lamping, Rep. Chris Kelly, and Phill Brooks, director of the state reporting program for the Missouri School of Journalism. Thanks for joining us!

Update 8:57pm:

Rep. Kelly is talking about term limits, and how they impact the experience and knowledge of legislators. Sen. Lamping would like to look at how the legislative sessions are scheduled - either "make it a full-time job" or make it every other year, so that works better for legislators and their families. Kelly, often looking for agreement, says to Lamping: "You are effectively in the same position I was ... years ago," being a legislator with kids and other responsibilities. Intersection host Ryan Famuliner is moving them along, saying, "this is a whole other show."

Update 8:42pm:

KBIA's Intersection host Ryan Famuliner is continuing the discussion with Sen. John Lamping and Rep. Chris Kelly, who are strongly disagreeing on the issue of Medicaid expansion in Missouri. Lamping has called the governor's comments in tonight's State of the State address "dishonest." Kelly is pointing to support for Medicaid expansion from chambers of commerce across the state, and hospitals. “The only people who don’t agree with it are really a very small group,” he said. Lamping is questioning this too. Journalist Phill Brooks says, while the press corps are skeptical, he himself believes that Medicaid could pass in this legislative session.

Updated 8:06pm:

"Together, let's build the Missouri our kids deserve," he said. 

Stay tuned to KBIA's live blog from the special post-address discussion on Intersection. You can join a live chatroom discussion during the Intersection discussion here.

Updated 8:01pm:

Nixon’s proposed budget hinges on the approval of Medicaid expansion. It includes $1.7 billion in federal funds for Medicaid expansion and reform, which would result in $77.3 million in general revenue savings. 

Updated 7:49pm: 

Nixon is now addressing mental health. He is calling on lawmakers to approve issuing bonds to refurbish the Fulton State Mental Hospital. “It’s an embarrassment to our state, and now is the time to take action,” he said. The governor also called for both the House and Senate to pass legislation like the so-called Missourians Nondiscrimination Act that addresses equality for LGBT workers. "No Missourian should be fired because of who they are, or who they love," the governor said. KBIA's Alex Olgin produced a feature looking at this legislation.

Updated 7:34pm:

Nixon is now addressing college education, and the costs of higher education. The governor's 2015 budget allots $42.1 million for performance-based funding for higher education institutions, $22 million for STEM students, $19.8 million for the Caring for Missourians Mental Health program, and $17 million or Bright Flight scholars programs.

He also called for a freeze in Missouri undergraduate tuition in the fiscal year 2015 budget. “Missouri undergraduates at our universities should not have to pay a penny more next year,” he said.  

Updated 7:24pm:

Governor Nixon is now addressing education. His budget, released by Budget Director Linda Luebbering this evening, recommends $278 million for the K-12 foundation formula, and $29.5 million for early childhood education. The governor has now asked the assembly to stand an honor teachers. “This is the year to get serious about fully funding our schools,” he said. 

Updated 7:15pm:

Governor Nixon has taken the stage to deliver his sixth State of the State address. He started by introducing his wife Georganne, and his son.

Earlier this evening, State Budget Director Linda Luebbering released the Governor's Fiscal Year 2015 budget, which prioritizes investments in education, job creation, and mental health. Key to the budget's viability is the expansion of Medicaid in the state.

Nixon thanked the Missouri General Assembly for their efforts to try and bring the Boeing 777x production to the state. “We all know that if you want to win, you’ve got to compete,” he said. 

Tonight, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will outline his legislative and economic agenda during his annual State of the State address. Tune into KBIA at 7 tonight to hear live coverage of the address and the Republican response on KBIA, courtesy of St. Louis Public Radio. Also stay tuned immediately following the governor's address for a live panel discussion from KBIA's Intersection program. Intersection host Ryan Famuliner will discuss the key points from the State of the State, with Missouri Rep. Chris Kelly, a Democrat from Columbia representing the 45th district, and state Senator John Lamping, a Republican from Ladue representing the 24th Senate district.

Also, stay tuned to KBIA's live blog with regular updates from the address and the discussion following. You can listen to the address on KBIA 91.3 FM or live stream the address and panel discussion at www. kbia.org. You can join a live chatroom discussion during the Intersection post-address discussion here.

Study up: On a recent edition of Intersection, Intersection producers and host Ryan Famuliner were joined by state representatives Caleb Rowden (R) and Chris Kelly (D) and Republican House Speaker Tim Jones. You can listen to that discussion here.

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