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Talking Politics: Right to Work and Missouri blue laws

Justin Paprocki

Since the early 1800s in Missouri, there have been laws against selling certain items on Sundays. These laws are called Blue Laws, and they were originally designed to give citizens and businesses a day of rest. But a motorcycle dealer in Kansas City is pushing to knock down one of the state's last remaining blue laws. KBIA's Justin Paprocki reported on how Sunday motorcycle sales could soon be allowed, with producing by Matthew Zuzolo.

And later on this episode of Talking Politics, legislation called "Right to Work," is making its way through the Missouri legislature. The bill would make it illegal to require employees to pay union dues as part of their employment. Twenty-four states have adopted this legislation, most recently Indiana and Michigan. On this edition of Talking Politics, we talked to legislators and Missouri workers who are for and against the legislation.

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