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2014 will see nine proposed constitutional amendments sent to the voters. In August, voters approved three amendments to the state constitution, while turning down two. Most notably, Missourians passed the controversial "Right to Farm" amendment, and rejected a ten year increase in sales tax to fund transportation projects. This Tuesday voters will decide upon amendments 2, 3, 6 and 10. Amendment 2: This amendment would allow a defendant's "evidence of prior criminal acts" to be admissible in court if the case involved "crimes of a sexual nature" against a victim under the age of eighteen. Read more here Amendment 3: If approved this amendment would dramatically alter how public school teachers are paid, evaluated, and promoted. It would tie pay to student performance evaluations, and restrict contracts to a maximum of three years, among other changes. Read more here Amendment 6: This amendment would create Missouri's first early voting procedure. If approved, Missouri would establish a six-day early voting window for mail-in and in-person ballots. Voters would not be able to cast ballots on weekends, and outside of the hours poling facilities normally operate. Read more here Amendment 10: If passed, this would place greater fiscal restrictions on the governor. In particular, it would disallow the withholding of revenue based on a projected shortfall, and require public debts be paid. Read more here

Intersection: What will you see on the November 4th ballot?

Marjie Kennedy

On this week's Intersection, we will be discussing the November 4th ballot with guests from the Associated Press and The Missourian. 

The Mid-term election is tomorrow. Four amendments will be on the statewide ballot, and Republicans will look to maintain their veto-proof majority in the state legislature. One of the contested races generating some buzz is right here in Mid-Missouri. 

There are also two local proposed propositions and a few races for Congress in mid-Missouri. Today on Intersection, we’ll tell you what you need to know before heading to the polls tomorrow, and talk a bit about the impact some of these races and issues might have.

David Lieb is a reporter with the Associated Press in Jefferson city. 

Scott Swafford is a senior city editor with The Missourian and a member of the MU School of Journalism faculty. 

To listen live, click here. You can join the conversation below in our live chat, by tweeting us @intersectKBIA, or emailing us at intersectiononkbia@gmail.com. You can also call in at (573) 882-4879. 

Live Blog November Ballot

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