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Students react to St. Louis legalizing same-sex marriage

William Murphy via Flickr

Same-sex couples willing to drive to St. Louis can legally get married in Missouri.

Circuit court judge, Rex Burlison, overturned Missouri's ban on same-sex marriage in the city of St. Louis Wednesday, defying a 10-year-old amendment.

Previously, Missouri only recognized same-sex marriages that were performed in states or countries where it was legal.

Now, Missouri residents can legally tie the knot in St. Louis and be recognized as a married couple throughout the state.

"A license obtained and issued in the city of St. Louis could be used any place in the state and would be recognized by the state as a legal union," says Boone County Reporter of Deeds Bettie Johnson.

Although this decision only applies to the city of St. Louis, it provides hope to some same-sex marriage advocates that times are changing. 

I think that St. Louis and Kansas City are both the most progressive cities in Missouri, obviously, Columbia probably the next,” says MU student Gideon Berdahl. “ I think that it is just like a stepping stone more cities will start to pass it as the more recognized cities do in the state."