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Views Preview: Scott Simon questions Bill Cosby about rape allegations

NPR's Scott Simon had the first interview with actor-comedian Bill Cosby following the recent allegations of sexual assault against him.  Simon asked Cosby on Saturday Weekend Edition if he wanted to address those allegations.  

Barbara Bowman, Washington Post: “Bill Cosby raped me. Why did it take 30 years for people to believe my story?

Scott Simon, NPR: “Cosbysstart a conversation with African-American art

Stacia L. Brown, BuzzFeed: “Why Dr. Huxtable was never the real Bill Cosby to me

Catherine Taibi, Huffington Post: “NPR’s Scott Simon describes Bill Cosby’s silence as rape allegations resurface

Jim Naureckas, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting: “No, NPR did not ask Cosby about rape accusations

“Uber”critical of journalists

An executive of the app-based ride-sharing company, unhappy with critical media coverage, suggested it should dig up personal information about journalists and make it public.

Ben Smith, BuzzFeed: “Uberexecutive suggests digging up dirt on journalists

Rich McCormick, The Verge: "Uber allegedly tracked journalist with internal tool called 'God View'"

Mike Isaac, New York Times: “Uberexecutive proposes digging into journalists’ private lives

Katie Benner, Bloomberg View: “Uber’sdirty tricks won’t hurt us

Paul Carr, PandoDaily: “Buzzfeedreveals that Uber exec boasted of planning smear campaign against Pando EIC, Sarah Lacy

Sarah Lacy, PandoDaily: “The moment I learned just how far Uber will go to silence journalsits and attack women

Alex Hern, The Guardian: “Uberexec apologizes after suggesting firm dig dirt on journalists

Whatever suits us

Stefanovic, the male anchor of Australia's Today Show, wanted to see if anyone would notice if he wore the same knockoff Burberry suit every day for a year. No one did. Meanwhile, his female co-anchor regularly received criticism from viewers about her wardrobe choices.

Todd Leopold, CNN: “Same suit every day? No problem for man, but a woman

Rose Powell, Sydney Morning Herald: “Karl Stefanovic’s suite experiment for feminism wears plaudits

Bim Adewunmi, The Guardian: “Male TV presenter wears same suit for a year

Lily Karlin, Huffington Post: “Australian TV anchor wears same suit every days for a year to prove sexism is going strong

Credit Courtesy Jim Romenesko

Faking it on Compare Camp

Media blogger Jim Romenekso thought it was strange when he started to receive multiple LinkedIn requests from reporters at a single outlet at once.  So, he started to look into their backgrounds.  What he found out -- with the help of his readers, is that most of those people never existed.  It provides an interesting look at how some "news" and review sites operate.

Jim Romenesko: "Meet the fake reporters of CompareCamp.com

Jim Romenesko: “My readers investigate CompareCamp.com’s fake journalists

Jonathan Berr, CBS MoneyWatch: “One product review site to avoid at all cost

Deon Roberts, Charlotte Observer: “Product-review site falsely says author worked at Observer

Compare Camp: “Our authors

Other duties as assigned

Reporters are working overtime to bring the news to readers of the Orange County Register, quite literally. Management is newsroom employees to take on paper routes in exchange for Visa gift cards.

Elliott Hannon, Slate: “Orange County Register asks journalists to deliver paper for gift cards

Andrew Khouri, Los Angeles Times: “O.C. Register asks reporters to help deliver its newspapers

Sharon Bernstein, Reuters: “Things are so bad at the Orange County Register that reporters are being asked to deliver newspapers

AMY SIMONS teaches news literacy, multimedia journalism and advanced social media strategies.