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The Cost Behind Nice Nails

via Flickr user madame.furie

The New York Times published an investigative piece on the high price of cheap nails. The article quickly got people to think twice about bargain salons, and regulation changes are already underway. Missouri School of Journalism professors Amy Simons, Earnest Perry and Mike McKean discuss the issue on the weekly media criticism program, "Views of the News." 

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The 13-month investigation drew criticism for its worthiness of the amount of resources it required to complete the story. Perry counters this argument. 

"It may seem that the topic itself is not important, but it is because what you see here is a lack of regulation."

He goes on to explain how the story opened the door to challenge issues such as immigration, equal pay and the safety conditions for workers. 


The article was published in four different languages, which is not yet widely practiced. Perry comments on this as well. 

"We have people who engage in various different languages, and if we're going to present stories that mean something to all of our community that means we're going to have to meet them where they are and not where we think they ought to be."

The panel also discusses the decision to publish the article online before it came out in print. 

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