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Views Preview: Fed Up With News Outlets, Teens Create Their Own

Photo by Eepeng Cheong via Unsplash

Teens, tired of how the news media covers stories that matter to them, take matters into their own hands. This week, a look at several teen-run news and information sources, and what they’re telling us about the Gen Z audience.

Rainesford Stauffer, Teen Vogue: “Why teens are creating their own news outlets

Jacob Granger, Journalism.co.uk: “What do millennials and Gen Z want from the news? Convenience and hard-hitting content

Rachel Janfaza, Teen Vogue: “Meet Zev Dickstein Shapiro, the 17-year-old creating ‘Turnout,’ a mobilization app for teen activists

Jessica Grose, New York Times: “When children use technology, let common sense prevail

A second week talking about bedbugs

Bret Stephens, New York Times: “World War II and the ingredients of slaughter

David Karpf, Esquire: “Bret Stephens compared me to a Nazi propagandist in the New York Times. It proved my point.

Daniel W. Drezner, Washington Post: “This is a critical column about Bret Stephens

Summer Concepcion, Talking Points Memo: “Bret Stephens keeps scratching his ‘bedbugs’ tweet debacle sore

Vivian Ho, The Guardian: “Bret Stephens criticized for bedbug reference in second world war column

Jack Mirkinson, Splinter News: “Bret Stephens compares man who called him a bedbug to Nazis in jaw-dropping column

Mary Papenfuss, Huffington Post: “Stunned Twitter critics sway Bret Stephens’ bedbug link to Nazis in NYT column

Quint Forgey, POLITICO: “’Tough guy!’: Trump mocks Bret Stephens over bedbug controversy

Jeet Heer, The Nation: “The Megyn Kelly syndrome strikes Bret Stephens

Playboy writer sues for WH access

Josh Gerstein, POLITICO: "Judge tells White House to reinstate reporter's pass"

Bianca Quilantan, POLITICO: “Reporter calls White House ‘unprofessional’ in cutting off his access

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “In the Brian Karem case, an argument for small government

Time to clean up Twitter profiles?

Kenneth P. Vogel & Jeremy W. Peters: “Trump allies target journalists over coverage deemed hostile to White House

Ren LaForme, Poynter: “Here’s how to filter and delete your old Tweets – and why that’s an OK think to do

Mike Allen, Axios: “Scoop: Trump allies raise money to target reporters

Revising Captain America

George Gene Gustines, New York Times: “Marvel revises comic in which Captain America called U.S. ‘deeply flawed’

Art Spiegelman, The Guardian: “Art Spiegelman: Golden age of superheroes were shaped by the rise of fascism

Taimur Dar, The Beat: “Marvel pleads for readers to wait until the end of Secret Empire to pass judgement

Gig economy bill a blow to journalism?

Editorial Board, Sacramento Bee: “This bill could put local newspapers out of business. What you can do to help stop it

Thomas W. Newton & James W. Ewert, San Francisco Chronicle: “Legislation delivers serious threat to California newspapers

Margot Roosebelt, Liam Dillon & Johana Bhuiyan, Los Angeles Times: “A bill giving workplace protection to a million Californians moves one step closer to law

California Legislature Info: “AB-5 Worker Status: Employees and Independent Contractors

Funders threatened to bail on Facebook research study

Craig Silverman, BuzzFeed: “Exclusive: Funders have given Facebook a deadline to share data with researchers or they’re pulling out

Craig Silverman, BuzzFeed: “Facebook said it would give detailed data to academics. They’re still waiting.

Social Science Research Council: “Statement from Social Science Research Council president Alondra Nelson on Social Media and Democracy Research Grants Program

Why we made the move

Christina Leonard, Poynter: “Care about the future of journalism? Maybe you should teach it

AMY SIMONS teaches news literacy, multimedia journalism and advanced social media strategies.