99th River City Habitat for Humanity Home Opens in Jefferson City

Oct 26, 2016

Credit Missouri Department of Tourism

On Monday evening, a home became a part of a community. The 99th River City Habitat for Humanity home opened in Jefferson City. With the help of a dozen volunteers, a family received a newly built three-bedroom, two-bathroom house.  

The $80,000 house was funded through Re-Store, a store that repurposes items that would typically go to a landfill. Jim Hoffmann, volunteer manager for Re-Store, said about 85 percent of revenue from the store goes toward building houses. To pay off the home, families put in sweat equity and pay an interest free mortgage. However, the homes mean more than just a place to stay. 

“For many of the families it’s the first time that anyone in their family has owned a home,” said Hoffmann, “so it’s a dream come true to be able to provide an energy efficient safe home that they can afford for their family.”

Throughout the construction process new home owners and construction volunteers have the opportunity to bond. The 99th homeowner acquired over 400 hours in sweat equity and also volunteered in Re-Store.

“It’s another great benefit of the whole program,” Hoffman said. “It gets people out of their normal community and people that they normally associate with. Both sides get together and get to know each other and find out that we have many things in common. Everybody wants a better place for their family and for their kids to grow up in.”

Assistant to the executive director and volunteer coordinator Colleen Carl said River City Habitat for Humanity challenged itself to complete its 100th house in November. River City Habitat for Humanity will be hosting a dedication ceremony on November 10 at 1405 E. High Street.