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Advocates Weigh Bringing Medicaid Expansion Issue to Voters

Apr 1, 2019

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Advocates are considering whether to put the issue of expanding Medicaid before Missouri voters.

The Springfield News-Leader reports that St. Louis resident Heidi Miller recently filed two petitions with the Secretary of State's office seeking to ask voters to weigh in on expanding Missouri's Medicaid program.

The newspaper couldn't reach Miller for comment, but expansion advocates said the filings aren't a symbolic gesture.

Missouri Budget Project CEO Amy Blouin says many residents and organizations want to fix the state's Medicaid program. Blouin says successful measures in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah could create momentum for change, such as fixing Medicaid eligibility, in Missouri.

Advocates are still weighing whether to support an effort to gather signatures for a ballot measure. It's unclear how much support Medicaid expansion would receive in the state.