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A.G. Koster backs Right to Farm

Jul 9, 2014

Credit Grant Suneson

Missouri's Attorney General put his support behind a controversial amendment on the primary ballot. Chris Koster officially announced his endorsement of Amendment one, also known as the Right to Farm act.

In a short statement at the Missouri Farm Bureau in Jefferson City today, Koster cited the states reliance on agriculture, saying that failing to pass the measure could inhibit the success of Missouri farmers.

Koster also acknowledged that some voters had concerns that the amendment would enable agricultural business to operate without limits. He assured Missourians that farms would not be allowed to operate unchecked.

"The passage of this amendment will continue to allow agriculture to be subject to reasonable regulation in our state. But future regulation must serve an important state interest and may not be arbitrary or prejudicial in nature."

Opponents of the Right to Farm bill have claimed the measure would allow farmers to confine animals inside inhumane pens. And it's not just Missouri residents that take issue with animal treatment within the state. California passed a measure that would ban Missouri eggs in California unless farms across the state improved conditions for chickens. Koster sued the California on behalf of Missouri to allow for importation of eggs, chalking it up to "different cultural sentiments" between the states. The lawsuit is still ongoing.

Amendment one will appear on the August 5th primary election ballot.