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All things November

Nov 18, 2011

The month of November can seem a little dreary: shorter days, colder weather and it’s still a month away from the major holidays. But it has a lot more going on than you’d think. This week’s show focuses on two things that make this month a little more interesting.

November is National Novel-Writing Month. The event, which has spread virally through the Internet, challenges amateurs,  professionals and everyone in between to write a complete novel over the course of a month. A lot of people take on this task solo. KBIA and Word Missouri's Davis Dunavin found a group in Columbia that bands together every year to write novels alongside each other. He found a group of friends unlike any other.

And now on to November’s furrier side. Have you noticed your son, neighbor, or brother has suddenly sprouted more facial hair than usual? Maybe they’ve cultivated a certain style like these guys. There may be a reason for that. I sat down with Charlie Maitz about the phenomenon known as Movember.