Amendment 8, veterans lottery, fails to pass

Aug 6, 2014


Missouri veterans were denied a new revenue stream, when voters rejected amendment 8 last night. The measure would have created a separate lottery with all proceeds going to the Veterans Commission capital improvement trust fund.

Opponents feared the new lottery would have drained funds from the current one, which benefits education.

Supporters were disappointed, saying the lottery would have brought in millions of dollars for veteran’s programs

State Representative Sheila Solon sponsored the amendment. She says that Missourians will have to find a different way to support veterans.


I don't feel this is a reflection in any way of lack of support for our veterans by Missourians. They always support our veterans. So the legislature is going to have to step up and we're going to have to appropriate funds for our veterans out of general revenue

Solon says she doesn’t plan to introduce any similar bills in the future.