Ameren Plans $11 Million Program to Add Charging Stations | KBIA

Ameren Plans $11 Million Program to Add Charging Stations

Feb 22, 2018

 The St. Louis-based utility company Ameren plans an $11 million program aimed at creating about 1,200 charging station plugs for electric vehicles.

Ameren's "Charge Ahead" plan, detailed Thursday in a Missouri Public Service Commission filing, also calls for adding electrified vehicles, including forklifts, in commercial settings.

If approved, Ameren's plan would provide incentives for installation of charging stations throughout its service area, many of them near interstate highways. The price paid by consumers to charge electric vehicles would be determined by the companies operating each station.

Ameren Missouri president Michael Moehn says the program seeks to reduce costs for electric vehicle customers, improve air quality by reducing emissions, and promote economic growth.