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Anesthetic use in Mo. could have impact across the country

Oct 7, 2013

Credit Nottingham Vet School / Flikr

If Missouri goes through with using a common anesthetic in two executions later this year, it could have a very real impact on hospitals throughout the U.S.

Gov. Jay Nixon said Monday the state will be moving forward with the executions.

The European Union says they will consider possible export limits of the anesthetic propofol if Missouri uses the drug in executions scheduled for this month and next.

The U.S. gets the vast majority of the common anesthetic from the EU.

The American Civil Liberties Union has also filed a few lawsuits to try to stop the executions.

Speaking to reporters in St. Louis, Nixon said the matter will be up to the courts.

“We are very cognizant of the attention this is drawing and the potential challenges that are out there, but are resolute that the issue should be one that is played out by a court of law so that the consistency of this can be maintained," Nixon said.

The decision on how to handle the executions will have to happen soon. The first of the two individuals is scheduled to be executed on Oct. 23.