Area Southeast of Town Set for Rezoning

Jun 6, 2014

Credit KBIA

Columbia residents might start noticing some changes in the land southeast of town.

The planning and zoning commission approved a zoning request from Crockett Engineering last night at City Hall.

The motion of approval will now be forwarded to the City Council.

The request asked the city to annex roughly 130 acres of mostly woodlands at the southeast corner of Route K and Old Plank Road.

Crockett applied for permanent zoning for the land for a large one-family dwelling district and a planned unit development.

Partner Tim Crocket says he is confident that the changes will be beneficial for the city.

“We’re pleased for approval. We think it’s a good development. We think it’s a great location. It was planned years in advance with regard to utility being provided for the area,” Crockett said.

He also has some other ideas for a portion of the housing district.

“I think that the biggest benefit is that this creates the ability for the developer to work with the city so the city can acquire a large park in this area,” Crockett said.

All of the housing development would go on the western side of the site above the flood line.