Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana Cultivation Wins Initial Missouri House Approval

Apr 20, 2016

Credit lancerok / Flickr

Legislation that would legalize medical marijuana cultivation with tight restrictions on who could use the drug has won initial approval in the Missouri House.

The House adopted the bill Tuesday by 91-59 vote after limiting marijuana to terminal cancer patients in hospice.

The restriction caused a split among some supporters of medical marijuana.

Rep. Shamed Dogan voted against the measure after saying it was too watered down.

Rep. Mike Colona said there was still time to broaden the bill, adding that a lack of legislative action could bolster petitioners seeking to put a more sweeping measure on the ballot.

Others said legalizing marijuana for any use would lead to higher use among teenagers.

The bill needs another vote to go to the Senate, and it would require voter approval.