Boone County Extends COVID-19 Public Health Order | KBIA

Boone County Extends COVID-19 Public Health Order

Nov 13, 2020

Columbia and Boone County leaders are extending the current COVID-19 public health order, amid a spike in cases and hospitalizations.

Health officials are not adding any restrictions, but are asking area residents to take precautions to help curb the current trends. Health Director Stephanie Browning says while her department is considering new limits, they can only go so far. She says many people are attending gatherings just outside the county, where its orders don’t apply.

Browning implored people to be as careful as they were back in March and April, when the region had far fewer confirmed cases.

“Today and going forward, we need you to be as diligent in your everyday choices because the curve is very far from flattening.”

More than 8,000 Boone County residents have now tested positive since the start of the pandemic; half of them in the last two months. The current order will now last through December 8