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Candidate Conversations: Missouri House of Representatives, District 50

Nov 6, 2018

Missouri's 50th State House of Representatives district encompasses varied landscapes, from the southern tip of suburban Columbia to farmland in Cole and Cooper counties.

Both candidates running to represent the 50th district say its residents may think they are divided along urban and suburban lines, but the challenges they face are all the same. Republican incumbent Representative Sara Walsh is being challenged by Democratic candidate Michela Skelton. 

Representative Walsh who told Molly Dove she’s passionate about the issues of abortion, and the Second Amendment – but that we should all be able to talk through the issues we’re passionate about and find good policy solutions.

Michela Skelton is the Democratic challenger to Walsh. She says the biggest issue she hears about from Missourians in the 50th District is healthcare costs. She has some ideas on that, and says the district’s wide variety of people should bring the district together, rather than pull them apart because, she said, “We’re all facing the same struggles.”

KBIA’s Molly Dove sat down with both candidates running to represent Missouri’s 50th State House district.