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The Check-In: Crisis Communications

May 18, 2020

In our pre-pandemic world, the election year was on the forefront of many minds rife with issues of disinformation, partisan political messaging and divided discourse. Now, a global crisis has emerged and we’re still facing the same challenges of fragmented information sources, political divisiveness and partisan discourse. Today, even something as non-political as wearing a CDC-recommended face-mask in this climate can carry with it a political connotation.

And this crisis has highlighted these divisions in some ways while - we hope - bringing us together in other ways. It’s also revealed for many of us that a huge part of navigating any crisis is about the information we get as the crisis unfolds.

So how do we navigate through the mixed and divided messaging to get accurate information that keeps us safe and also supports our global relations and our democracy going forward? Are we going to come through this more unified or more divided? 

Our guest is Brian Houston, a professor in MU’s Communications program who co-directs the university’s Disaster and Community Crisis Center.

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