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The Check-In: Crisis, Protests and Performance

May 29, 2020

Theater is the idea of gathering with a group of people to see a live story unfold before our eyes in a way that transforms or challenges our vision of the world. And it all might seem like a distant dream right now.

This crisis has hit the theater world hard. Even on Broadway and well beyond, actors, writers, directors and dramatists have found themselves out of work and disconnected from their audiences and their art.

In this episode, we talk about how the world of theater and performance is moving onward online and connecting with audiences during this crisis, and how previous crises have inspired theater and performance in the past.

We also begin the episode talking about the other major crisis our country is facing right now with the death of George Floyd.

Our guests:

S. David Mitchell, MU associate dean for Academic Affairs and law professor.

Heather Carver, professor and chair of MU Theater Department.

Claire Syler, professor in MU Theater Department.

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