The Check-In: Having Fun | KBIA

The Check-In: Having Fun

Apr 8, 2021

Janet Saidi, host of KBIA's The Check-In, is ready to take your calls.

As we've covered before on The Check-In, times have been hard over the past year. Many of us have suffered from financial hardship and social isolation in some form or another. We have also done our part to stay mentally healthy - and for that, it’s important to have fun.

So, that's the theme of our show today -- having fun. What have been some of your pandemic past-times? We’ve all had to find things to do that are inexpensive and also can be done in isolation. Let us know: What hobbies did you pick up, this time last year? Was it baking, crafting, getting outdoors? Where have you been finding your fun?

We'll be hearing from producer Isabella Paxton throughout the show about what hobbies some around Columbia have taken up during the pandemic, as well as her recent trip axe throwing. But today, you are our guest! Call and leave a voicemail, or tweet at us @CheckIn_KBIA to let us know how you're having fun.