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The Check-In: Kids Health

May 14, 2020

Around the state of Missouri, the rise of coronavirus cases has pushed hospitals to allow access for essential procedures only. Visitors are drastically limited, temperatures are taken at the door and routine health checks have been delayed or halted. 

Now, across the country, health care professionals are concerned about something else: Delayed visits to the ER and health checks that are actually necessary, including a significant drop in vaccinations and other preventative care. Medical professionals warn that putting off this important care could be dangerous down the road. After all, ironically, it seems like when you are putting off vaccinations you are risking disease outbreaks in our community - the very thing we’re all trying to avoid right now.

All of this is particularly stressful and difficult to navigate when it comes to our kids. What does this mean for a family with an infant who needs vaccinations? And what does it mean if you’re planning a childbirth, welcoming new life into the world?

Our guest:

Dr. Amruta Padhye, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at MU Health Care.

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