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The Check-In: Pets And Wildlife

May 8, 2020

When it comes to issues arising from the coronavirus crisis that need to be aired out in this forum, our pets might not be the first priority. But yet it seems like a lot of conversations right now involve our animals.

How are they doing? Do our dogs and cats seem stressed out? What’s happening with adoptions and fostering of animals these days? And what about all the wildlife - the fox cubs, coyotes, even snakes - that people seem to be spotting outside their windows. Is the wild encroaching on our space for some reason, or is it just that we’re simply at home more so we’re noticing nature?

In this episode, it's animal day and we talk about how our furry, feathered and scaled friends are doing during the pandemic.

Our guests:

Michelle Casey, associate director of Central Missouri Humane Society.

Aaron Jeffries, deputy director of Missouri Department of Conservation.

Colleen Koch, animal behaviorist at Lincoln Land Animal Clinic.

To hear the live show, tune in weekdays at noon. Also, you can leave us a voicemail at 877-532-0971 about how you are handling the isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.