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The Check-In: Reopening Columbia

May 11, 2020

For a week now, our community has been under new rules. Restaurants, gyms, hair salons and churches have re-opened their doors. We are in the hopeful beginning phases of finding a new normal. Our key words have gone from "stay at home" and lockdown, to recovery and reopening.

The state of Missouri is in the first phase of the Show Me Strong Recovery Program and the City of Columbia and Boone County have also issued the first step in reopening guidelines that have been in place for a week.

Columbia health director Stephanie Browning was quoted as calling this “our journey to a new normal.” So what does this journey - and for that matter what does the “new normal” - look like? One phrase that is still very much with us is “social distancing.” Also still with us is the coronavirus. 

In this episode, we talk about about navigating our way to what a healthy and safe community can look like.

Our guest:

Columbia Mayor Brian Treece.

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