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The Check-In: Student Debt

Mar 18, 2021

Mark Jones (left) and Martha Steffens (right) pose for portraits.

As stimulus checks begin to be deposited in the accounts of millions of Americans, one important aspect of the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package sticks out:

Senate Democrats say a provision in this relief package - one that makes student loan forgiveness tax-free through 2025 - will pave the way for the Biden administration to approve a federal student loan forgiveness plan.

So today on The Check-In, we're talking about student loan forgiveness - what that looks like and what that could mean for our economy. We're also talking tips on how to avoid and manage it this kind of debt in the first place.

Our guests:

  • Marty Steffens, Professor, Business and financial journalism/economics for journalists/entrepreneurial journalism
  • Mark Jones, Communications Director, Missouri National Education Association