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The Check-In: Voting During the Pandemic

Sep 17, 2020

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You’ve heard this since your grade-school civics classes. That Voting is one of the most important part of a democracy - it’s how you exercise your right,as a citizen.


And this election season, the sacred American act of voting has become embroiled in our nation’s politics - we have accusations of voter fraud, and others highlighting

disenfranchisement of some citizens who might have less access to ballots and voting booths.


But surely the importance of fair, secure voting for everyone is something we can all agree on.

Today we’re checking in with our top county and state election officials and voting advocates to break down the mechanics and process of that great American tradition: Voting.


And at the end of our show - our guest has been part of the St. Louis “alt-country” music scene - which is kind of a big deal - for decades. We talk about his latest album, which tells stories about Missouri. 

 Our Guests: Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft Boone County Clerk Brianna Lennon Marilyn McLoed, League of Women Voters
 Musician Kip Loui 

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