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The Check-In: What Will School Look Like This Year?

Aug 27, 2020

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In Columbia, Missouri and across the nation, campus is open - classes have started, school is reopening. But what is this semester going to look like? 

University and college leaders have been forced into a landscape where no decision is a good decision. Closing colleges puts already-struggling colleges that have weathered years of defunding into even more risk. But opening your college doors opens up an entire community to higher case numbers. 

It’s bleak out here in college town - but today we’re going to explore how this is playing out in mid-Missouri, what we can learn from colleges across America, and as always we’ll search for inspiration and solutions that will get us through.

We’ll also talk to one MU Journalism School graduate whose experience being “Black At Mizzou” is now an audio documentary.  

 Our Guests: Sebasitan Martinez Valdivia, KBIA Health Reporter Lindsay Ellis, Chronicle of Higher Education Andy Thomason, Chronice of Higher Education Lauren Brown, Co-Host of the We Live Here Podcast at St. Louis Public Radio 

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