City Approves Grants for Wheelchair-Accessible Cabs

Jul 3, 2018

Credit Meiying Wu/KBIA

Taxi Terry’s will receive $45,000 worth of grants to help buy three wheelchair-accessible cabs.

The taxis are intended to allow Columbia residents with disabilities to travel without the time and scheduling restrictions of public transportation. The three taxis will serve all residents of Columbia, not just those with disabilities, for no extra cost.

The Columbia City Council approved the grants at its Monday night meeting. The money will come from the fiscal 2018 budget. The city had sought proposals for three $15,000 contracts, but the Columbia Disabilities Commission recommended all the contracts go to Taxi Terry’s. The city received four proposals in all.

Committee Chairman Chuck Graham said each of used vehicles identified for purchase by Taxi Terry had less than 50,000 miles, which made its proposal the best long-term investment.

“These taxis will be absolutely critical for people with disabilities in Columbia to get out and about,” Graham said.

Each of the three vehicles will receive $1,000 per year for maintenance for three years, said Adam Kruse, the Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator for the city.

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