Off the Clock: April 15, 2011 | KBIA

Off the Clock: April 15, 2011

Apr 15, 2011

Columbia Author Lise Saffran talks about her new book, and life, art and love on San Juan Island.

The best novels take us somewhere. to new characters and situations in life .. and of course to new places. Columbia author Lise Saffran’s new book “Juno’s Daughters” takes us to San Juan Island, off the coast of Washington State. We get to know a singer mother and her two daughters, and a cast of characters that have arrived on the quiet island to put on the annual Shakespeare play.

Saffran is an author and the associate director of MU’s Master’s of Public Health program. She was in KBIA’s studios recently, and we spoke about writing, art, science, and how a mid-Missouri author gets inspired by her new book’s setting. 

Check out Lise Saffran’s “Why I Write” essy in Poets & Writers or at Lise’s website at Also, check out Scarlett Robertson’s terrific interview with poet Maya Angelou who spoke to a sold-out crowd on MU’s campus earlier this week.

Thanks for going “off the clock” with us!