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Off the Clock - Preserving Pennytown

Apr 26, 2019

On this edition of Off the Clock, producer Emily Aiken visits the Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church, a small rural churchhouse that holds a world of history and memories of the families who formed and lived in Pennytown. The town was founded by freed slave Joe Penny in 1871. Today, family members like Virginia Huston congregate at the church to reflect on their past and keep the spirit alive for their descendants. You can see the full story here

Credit Emily Aiken / KBIA

Also, on this edition: Producer Olivia Love wandered through campus and discovered that the quads and crannies were packed full of Missouri high school musicians competing at the 68th annual music festival of the Missouri State High School Activities Association, or MSHAA. She captured the sounds in an audio postcard.