Cold January in Columbia, but temperature record not broken [GRAPHIC]

Feb 3, 2014

Credit Au Kirk / Flickr

January in Columbia had no shortage of brutally cold days. But despite an abnormally icy stretch early in the month that closed schools as far south as Atlanta (some blamed it on the “polar vortex”), Columbia did not break its January record for low temperature.

That record is minus 20, according to The Weather Channel. As shown by the interactive graphic below, the lowest temperature this past January was minus 12 (on Jan. 7).

Still, if last month seemed especially chilly, you’re not wrong. The average Columbia low temperature in January is 21, according to The Weather Channel. This January, it was 14.

And what about the all-time Columbia low temperature? Feb. 13, 1905, holds that distinction, according to the Missouri Climate Center. The temperature plummeted to a frigid minus 25.