Columbia City Council approves new homeless drop-in shelter

Apr 22, 2014

Columbia City Hall
Credit KBIA
The Columbia City Council voted Monday night to approve land on North Eighth Street as the site of a future homeless drop-in shelter. 

The lot has been empty for 20 years. The homeless drop-in center would provide showers, changing rooms, and support counselors for the homeless. The city set $126,000 aside from a general fund in 2012 for a homeless drop-in shelter. The lot will only cost $80,000. The sale isn’t final until the lot receives environmental clearance. Once the lot is officially purchased, council will look at potential organizations to build and operate on the site. Multiple residents at the meeting say they think a homeless drop-in center will help Columbia’s economy by assisting homeless with getting back into the job market. Second Ward councilman Michael Trapp says the positive response from the community speaks volumes about Columbia.  The lot is currently zoned R-2 and will require rezoning to a Planned Office District.